About Us

The AAYLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity funded 100% via donations and staffed 100% by volunteers.

We often say that our children are growing up too quickly. We constantly see injustices, economic and social issues on national TV and many parents face a difficult task in explaining these issues to their children. It is difficult for parents who are experiencing these social issues to prepare their children for future rewards. How can the AAYLC conference help in this endeavor?... Knowledge. Knowledge is power.

The aim of our planning committee is to structure the AAYLC to provide information covering basic critical skills sets which teaches our students how to empower themselves. Empowerment encapsulates our strategic learning objective which covers Knowledge of Self-Management, Creative & Critical Thinking, Communications skills, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Small Group Dynamics. Our ultimate outcome is to provide each student with a solid base of knowledge to reference that empowers them to be prepared when they face social and economic challenges in life.

Project ALPHA augments our program by providing heart-to-heart discussions with our young men in becoming Men. This program co-sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the March of Dimes and requires parental written permission for attendance. The feedback from the young men who attend Project ALPHA has always been positive!

Another key to our students’ success is their parents. The conference executes an outstanding Parents Workshop that includes speakers from local school districts and community leaders. These parents’ workshops inform and motivate parents on pertinent issues facing students, schools and the community.

Another special part of the conference is called The Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute has been developed specifically for our high school juniors and seniors. This program immerses students in the multi-faceted concepts of Leadership, Educational Preparedness, Social Engagement and Civic Responsibility as they prepare to venture into their new life challenges in college, trade school or the work force.

As you can tell, our Planning Committee has worked diligently to give our students glimpse of subjects not typically taught in schools all in hopes of showing them that “choices today, determines tomorrow’s success.” We invite and welcome each of you to the AAYLC!

See you at the conference!